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My name is Donna! I believe so much in finding healthier ways of healing our bodies. I know that modern medicine is NOT treating the problem but the symptoms.

If you get a fever, for instance, you take an aspirin or some other pain killer. That fever is your body's way of telling you there is something wrong. So instead of finding out WHAT is wrong, we pacify it like trying to shut up a crying baby. Pop a pill and quiet the problem. We need to find the ROOT of the problem, the CAUSE!


Ion Cleanse Detoxification Therapy!!!

Conveniently located in Woodbury right off of Hwy 94 and Century Ave in the

Century Office Park. 

6043 Hudson Rd, Suite 300M, Woodbury, Mn

take a right, off the elevator, go down the hall,

thru the next door and around the corner.

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