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Over the years, I've received many compliments and "thank you's", some in person, some over the phone, others by email, and some by online posts, and they all mean so much to me.

I love helping people through my massage and reflexology, and the reward of being able to help others through my work is wonderful.



The following are a few of the written testimonials that I've received. 


"I have received massages from Donna regularly, which has helped my symptoms after being diagnosed with a rare nerve condition called Transverse Myelitis. In addition, Donna's massages have helped my chronic headaches and lower back pain. Donna has very impressive massage ability, knowledge, and technique. Her Deep Tissue and Sport's Massages are fantastic, and her Swedish Massages are very relaxing. I have recommended her to my friends and family. Out of 5 stars, I would rate Donna more than 5 stars."

-Henry Mar (May 2016)


"Donna does a great job of finding the source of your problem and relieving the pain or stress.
I had never had a professional massage before going to Donna's and she was very professional and made me feel comfortable from the very first visit."

-Ron Griffin (January 2016)


"Donna definitely named her business correctly. Her massages are heavenly. I have been to many massage therapists, trying to find one that gave a relaxing massage without too much pressure. It isn't always easy to find, but Donna has the perfect technique for a great relaxing massage. I will go back for more appointments, as I have a job where I am always bending and stooping, twisting and turning, which makes for muscle aches due to the repetitive nature of my profession. I am looking forward to my next massage.

-Anita Fisher (September 2015)


"Fantastic massage therapist. Very intuitive. I've already booked another massage with Donna."

-Jean Fredlund (August 2015)


"Donna is amazing - the best! I have seen 2 other massage therapists which didn't help. I have had low back pain since a car accident months ago. I go to a chiropractor which helps, but the pain would always come back right away after adjustments. I saw Donna and she did special muscle work on my front psoas muscle which took away my low back pain for weeks! She worked on my pec muscles since I also had hand and forearm pain which made it difficult to write. I have been able to write just fine for 2 weeks! I couldn't be more happy and will continue to see Donna to aid in my healing. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone!!! She definitely knows what she is doing!"

-Neely Witham (May 2015)


"I have been seeing Donna regularly, once a week for almost a year now. I came to her because I had been experiencing numbness in 3 out of 5 fingers on BOTH of my hands. Because of her, I not only have more feeling in all my fingers, but I have much more STRENGTH!

For several months I had to lay off using my hands too much. Overuse kills me. I would suffer so much. If I gave into regular use of my hands it again lead to pain. There were times I couldn't help it because I work with my hands a lot, and when I did, I would suffer greatly.

My hands would be in such pain when I tried to sleep at night. I would get so restless trying to get comfortable. I took Advil, and that did not help like I thought it should.

Donna has worked with me and has educated me on many things that has helped my body heal and recover. Like, the right way to exercise my hands. When I wear high heels, (which I could never give up and would become crippled for the pleasure of it) she taught me the exercise to do to stretch my muscles out when I did wear my treasured high heels. She also told me that I would have less pain in my joints if I drank more water and what possible nerves are causing my numbness.

It has been a blessing to feel my hands recover. When your body betrays you, it limits what you are used to doing in life, and my numbness and weakness definitely limited my freedom. I enjoy freedom of movement, not the lack of it...

So THANK YOU Ms Donna, for your professionalism, expertise, love and care, PATIENCE and guidance through a very tough time for me.

I am grateful for the experience in knowing her and turning myself over to her while she works her magic. She uses techniques in some of her massage work that many massage therapists are not trained to use. If I choose to go deep, those techniques are INCREDIBLE! I feel an immediate difference... 

I remember one time I was lying on my back. My right arm and hand hurt more than the other. You know you hate to ask for extra things or attention. Without my saying a word, Donna asked if it was more sore on my right side and I said, "yes". She went to work and like magic, the pain and soreness WENT AWAY.

I see and FEEL improvement. I know that when I don't see Donna and her healing hands, my body reverts back to less strength. I know that when I do see her, I feel good and am on the right path to keeping my body healthy.

I gratefully acknowledge and thank her for GIVING so much of herself to me. I appreciate her generosity more than she will ever know, most importantly, THE RESULTS!"

Donna's Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

-Shar (2013)





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