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Donna Boyd, Certified Professional Massage Therapist, Certified Chair Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Insured by ABMP located in Woodbury, MN and trained By Sister Rosalind Gefre.Donna Boyd, Certified Professional Massage Therapist, Certified Chair Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, trained by renowned massage expert Sister Rosalind Gefre, and Insured by ABMP

Over the years I have learned there are so many BETTER ways to address health issues than to run to a doctors office. Now don't get me wrong. I do believe that doctors are necessary in life, however, people tend to go to them much to quickly, and trust them far too much with their very lives.

I thought about how a doctor will write out a prescription, which, I am sure you will agree, YOU CANT READ!! You take it to a pharmacist (praying he CAN read it) so he can put together a concoction of toxic chemicals. He then hands it back to you and you go home and start popping these toxic chemicals into your body. Why? Because the Doctor said so. Consider also, there are VERY FEW drugs on the market that will CURE anything! If they did, you wouldn't need them anymore! Correct? You'd be cured! If you must take them for weeks, months, YEARS then you are obviously NOT cured.

I decided I wanted to place my faith in God and HIS medicine. Vitamins, Herbs, Massage, Chiropractic, etc. I wanted to not only find a way to HEAL my son's body but help others as well, which is what led me on this path.

When my son was 4 1/2 yrs old, I was told he would not likely survive to his 5th birthday. He had cancer. That was when I first began this journey into finding better ways. Of course, I didn't have the knowledge to battle a life threatening illness so I allowed all the chemotherapy and radiation, however, I did do plenty of research and learned that it seems most people with cancer, don't die from cancer. They die from complications brought on by the destruction of their immune system. I began adding vitamins and herbs to my son's diet as well as more nutritious foods. My son is now 27 yrs old!!!

Other area's that I have personally experienced healings would be .... an overactive thyroid, which doctors said I needed to have radiated and then go on underactive thyroid meds for the rest of my life. I took certain vitamins and herbs and the problem seemed to disappear. GONE!!! Ganglion cysts disappeared with the same herbs. I am in no way prescribing these things for others. I am merely telling you what "worked for me!"

Later, what led me into Massage/Reflexology was my mother. She was 71 yrs old, in a wheelchair. I was feeding her, bathing her, changing her "depends", she was also diabetic. One day, she was depressed greatly and crying. I asked her if she wanted to get better and if so, would she start trusting ME more than the doctors. She said "yes" and that's when things really took a turn for the better.

Between vitamins, herbs, massage, reflexology and a whole lot of prayers... within the first year she was no longer a diabetic, no longer using a wheelchair, I didn't have to feed her, in fact she was growing her own garden. She stopped wearing depends. There were times she had more energy than me, no kidding. lol.

I seriously believe that Massage, Reflexology, Vitamins, Herbs, Chiropractic care and last but certainly NOT least, prayer and faith in God, is by far the BEST way back to health. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. lol

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